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Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox is a long-time vegetarian and animal lover who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with his two young sons and dog. An accomplished sports journalist, he can also be found writing at FIGHT! magazine and SLAM magazine.

Cap Off the Summer in Muskoka

'Tis the season for "Back to School" sales at every retail outlet in the known world.  But we still have a few more weeks of summer left and time to have one last getaway...

Taking The Brood To Bean Town

Boston is famously known as "Bean Town", but perhaps it's time for a new nickname for the city.  If New York City is "The Big Apple", shouldn't Boston be "The Second Banana", considering it...

Family Fun In La Ville De Montreal

Growing up, one of my family's favourite getaways was our yearly trip to Montreal, Quebec.  Once we crossed the border from Ontario to Quebec, it was like entering another world.  Or better yet, going...