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Could The Star Wars Plane Be The Coolest Plane Ever?

The new Star Wars movie  “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will open in theaters on December 18th, but Japan's All Nippon Airways wins the award for best movie tie-in award with their new Star...

10 Must Have Items For Parents Traveling With a Baby!

Whether you are headed to your parent's house, the cottage or to the Caribbean, there is a certain amount of planning that goes into traveling with a baby. Thankfully those who have come before...

Should Planes Have a "Families-Only" Section?

Travel website, Skyscanner, recently posted the results of a poll in which almost 60 percent of the 2000 respondents agreed that they would like to see families relegated to a specific area on flights. Nearly 20 percent said they would like to see the creation of child-free flights.

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