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Fabulous Travel gear! ~ Antler’s Liquis Lightweight Luggage

When you are traveling with kids every pound counts where your luggage is concerned. After some unfortunate flights during nasty weather, we have started to switch our luggage over to hard-sided cases. ...

The Perfect Beach Bag ~ reisenthel’s XL shopper!

A couple years ago while on vacation in Aruba, I came across a tote that I only bought because I liked it's pattern.  Quickly though, it became my go to bag for trips to...

Traveling With Kids ~ Our 7 Picks For Best Kid Gear!

Parents know that an unhappy child during travel can make a 30 minute trip feel like 10 hours. Arming yourself with the best gear to keep your kids organized and comfortable, can be the difference between a smooth trip and one where your fellow travelers are asking to be moved to a different section of the plane. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun.

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