Tomorrow will mark Canada’s 144th Birthday and while everyone will be watching our Nation’s capital for coverage of the Royal visit there is a long list of celebrations planned around the country.

As always Ottawa has lots planned. They have a site dedicated to Canada day set up to help keep the day organized.

Are you visiting or looking for something to do?  Many communities around the country have festivals, concerts and fireworks planned to celebrate the commemoration of the formation of the Dominion in 1867.

Many bands will be performing all over the country.  A list can be found at the Canada hertitage site.

One of my girlfriends summed it up the best in her Facebook status tonight,

maple leaf, bilingualism, hockey, First Nations, Beaver Tails, moderate politics, tuques, multiculturalism, moose, peace keeping, hearty beer, universal health care, Don Cherry, four seasons, human rights, loonies, twoonies, natural beauty, freedom… I LOVE CANADA!

Happy Canada Day Everyone.  Enjoy the good music, food and friendship!


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