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Cabin Livin’ At Letchworth State Park, NY {Video Tour}

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This Summer when we decided to visit the Finger Lakes for our end of the Summer road trip Letchworth State Park was at the top on my list as one of the places we wanted explore.  But while researching lodging options in the area it became apparent that the most convenient place to stay was actually inside the park.

Letchworth State Park gorge overlook

Letchworth State park has lodging options for vacationers of all budgets, but to balance budget and comfort I zoned in on their cabins.  In total there are 5 cabin areas throughout the park.  Having never been there I was at a loss as to which location would be the best for us so I chose the most comfortable unit in the A section and crossed my fingers.  As luck would have it I made a great choice.  Not only is the A cabin area close to the main falls, but the units offered everything we needed while visiting the park.

Letchworth State Park - Cabin #19 A Cabin area

First, there are three entrances to the park; Mount Morris, Castille and Portageville.  Because we were coming from Ithaca we entered through the North Entrance at Mount Morris, which is at the very top of the park.  Admission into the park is $8/vehicle but the visitors center is 15 miles from this entrance.  If you are staying at the park admission is free, but you must already have reservations for it to be waved.

The C Cabin area, the first lodging area you will come to, is just a couple miles from the Mount Morris entrance and adjacent to the camping loops.  The park’s Olympic swimming pool is also close by.  If you are visiting the park to see the Falls they are located quite a distance – approximated 10 miles down the road.

Cabin area A has a small playground and a laundry facility and shower area.

Letchworth State Park - Laundry & shower facilities A cabin area

Our cabin, #19, came with a screened in porch, kitchen, dining area and an open space, with 2 additional beds.

Letchworth State Park - screened in porch - Cabin a area

Along the back of the cabin there were 2 bedrooms with 2 twins beds each and a two-piece bathroom. The kitchen had a full size fridge, a sink, a microwave and a stove with an oven.

Letchworth State Park - Kitchen area A Cabin

For our family of four this cabin was perfect. My husband and I pushed the two twins in the one bedroom together to make a queen and the boys slept in the second bedroom together.

Letchworth State Park - Cabin bedroom - Cabin A Area

Our cabin had four heat registers; one in each bedroom, one in the bathroom and one in the main area so you are completely covered if it gets cold at night – which it did.

To recharge or power your devices there are 6 electrical outlets in the cottage.

We loved the location of this camping area, the trails and the amenities close by.

Letchworth State Park - kids play are across from lower Falls pking area

We were walking distance to a bigger park for the kids and the lower falls restaurant, which offers a diverse menu for visitors or campers.

Letchworth State Park Lower Falls Restaurant

Please see the Video Tour Below:

Because it was outside of peak season we were able to book the cabin for a few nights.  If you are looking to stay between Jun 21st – August 23rd, you can only book the units in this area for a week at a time from Saturday to Saturday.

What is the difference between the cabins in the different blocks?

  • A Cabins(22 cabins)  – $115/night($460/week) and have 3 rooms, which sleep 6 people.  Inside they have a screened in porch, cold running water, a toilet and your choice of propane or electric heat.  The area has a central shower and washroom. In the Summer they rent from Saturday – Saturday
  • B Cabins(22 cabins) –  have 3 rooms, which sleep 6 people.  Inside they have a screened in porch, cold running water, a toilet and your choice of propane($115/night or $460/week) or a stone fireplace($108.75/night or $435/week).   In the Summer they rent from Sunday-Sunday
  • C Cabins(17 cabins) –  are located in the North section of the park and have one room that sleeps 6 in Bunk Beds.  They have a ‘rough interior’, no interior cold water and are offered with Wood ($65/night or $260/week)or electric heat(83.75/night 0r $335/week).  Most of the cabins rent Saturday to Saturday, with the exception of #3, 10 & 11 which rent Sunday to Sunday in the Summer($77.50/night or $310/week).  The area, which has 17 cabins, has a central shower and washroom.
  • D Cabins(10 cabins) – located close to Inspiration point in the South end of the park.  Eight of the ten cabins in the area sleep 6 people in bunk beds  These 8 units have electrical heat and 4 offer porches($71.25/night or $285/week).  The two additional cabins only sleep two people($30/night or $120/week).  None of the units in this are have interior running water, but all have access to a central shower and washroom.  In the Summer these cabins can be booked from Saturday to Saturday.
  • E Cabins(10 cabins) – These one room cabins sleep 4 people($41.25/night or $$165/week).  These cabins do not offer heat and the area only has washroom access. Campers in this are can use the shower facilities in the Cabin D area – which is 3 miles away.

*The prices quoted above are based on the 2014 fee schedule*  They should be used as a guideline.  For the most up-to-date prices please visit Letchworth State Park’s website. 

What to bring:

  • Pots, pans and any utensils you will need to prepare your food for the week.
  • Dishes, cups, soap, towels,
  • Bedding and pillows
  • Firewood
  • Bikes, ride ons or scooters to get around the park.
  • A table liner.  The table inside our cabin was clean – but ‘sticky’.  Having a cover would have been a bonus.
  • Radio


  • If you are looking to stay close to the main falls camping areas A & B are your most comfortable options.  The D cabin area is close to inspiration point, but they only offer bunk beds with no interior water or toilets.
  • The pool is 14 miles away from the A&B cabin area. There is a pool in the South side of the park but it is not currently in operation and won’t be for the ‘unforeseeable’ future.
  • If you are staying in the A&B cabin area the easiest way to enter the park is through the Castille entrance.
  • There is a speed limit inside the park and it is enforced by park police. It starts at 40mph goes down to 25 and then lower to 15mph in some parts.
  • If you are looking to have a campfire the wood you use can only used if it was transported from less than 50 miles from the park due to insect risks. The store on site sells wood as do many places we spotted on the way into the park.
  • The lower falls restaurant is a great option if you are looking for a quick bite.  The ladies that work there are very nice and the food is quite good!
  • The park taps into the local water supply so water from the tap in your cottage is drinkable.
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Canadian mom of 2 busy boys (one with #ASD), photo addict, lover of adventure and wrinkly dogs. Also founder of Growing Your Baby - a parenting website.

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  1. Looks like an awesome place to stay, I love national park accommodation, it’s often so close to nature and cheap too. The falls look beautiful, I’m very jealous and hope I make it there one day!

  2. Staying in a cabin is definitely on my bucket list, although I’d be worried it gets a bit dark and scary at night? It’s a nice compromise compared with staying somewhere completely isolated, I like having other people around when I’m travelling. I’ve never been to a national park big enough to have accommodation inside, I guess it’s not common in Europe.

  3. I love cabins, especially as a good and cheap options for our family which usually has a separated bedroom (these days I hate accommodation which is only a single room!). These look like a great option if we are heading to Letchworth State park!

  4. We had cabin c area it was nice and worth the price but I think the mattresses had to be a little bit firmer and was kind of upsetting because we had no sinks and you had to get water from the spout and bring it back to your cabin to wash dishes instead of washing your dishes at that one spout otherwise it was great.


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