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New Shanghai Disney Resort Zootopia Attraction Details!

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Exciting news for Zootopia fans! Prepare for an unforgettable experience at the upcoming Zootopia attraction at Shanghai Disney Resort. Get a sneak peek into all the amazing things you can expect, from a thrilling police chase to unique entertainment and mouthwatering Zootopia-inspired food and drinks.

Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort rendering

Step into the Zootopia Police Department and embark on an adventure as a rookie officer. Join forces with Officer Judy Hopps and Officer Nick Wilde to rescue Gazelle, who has been kidnapped on the day of a major concert. Traverse through iconic Zootopia landscapes, from Tundra Town to the Rainforest District, in pursuit of the culprits. It’s an action-packed ride you won’t want to miss.

Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort rendering

Guests will also be able to witness live entertainment that brings your favorite Zootopia characters to life. Catch glimpses of familiar faces like Fru Fru, Mr. Big, and Flash as they interact with each other and even with you from the windows of Zootopia’s stunning buildings. Don’t forget to take a selfie with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde at the Zootopia Recruitment Station for a memorable keepsake.

Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort rendering

After all the adventures, satisfy your cravings at Jumbeaux’s Cafe. Indulge in Zootopified treats like the paw-shaped Disney Zootopia popsicle or Officer Clawhauser’s favorite donuts. And if shopping is on your agenda, visit Fashions by Fru Fru for a wide selection of themed products and unique finds.

Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort rendering

Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort is the ultimate destination for fans of the beloved film.

Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort rendering
Lisa Arneill
Lisa Arneill
Canadian mom of 2 busy boys (one with #ASD), photo addict, lover of adventure and wrinkly dogs. Also founder of Growing Your Baby - a parenting website.

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