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The Motel 6 Gets A Modern Makeover!

The Motel 6 has always been known as a budget choice for travelers looking to see a destination without breaking their budget.  Vacationers were, however, forced to endure the outdated decor and .  But...

Universal Orlando Raises Ticket Prices

Just a week after Disneyworld in Orlando announced their new admission rates Universal Orlando has increased their ticket prices.

Top 2011 Destinations for Budget Travelers

Newsweek Budget Travel has come up with its annual list of travel destinations that are fun as well as affordable. The list includes places like Tallinn, Estonia’s capital as well as popular tourist destinations...

More Working Moms Planning Affordable Family Vacations

More working moms are taking time off from their multitasking roles and planning a family vacation a new national survey reveals. Nashville-based WhyMomsRule.com conducted a survey between 14 and 17 January involving 634 women who had at least one child at home.

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