Step to the brink. Now, lean forward. The city of Toronto and Lake Ontario stretch out beneath you – 116 stories beneath you. This is the remarkable experience that awaits those brave enough to tackle the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower.

“EdgeWalk is both thrilling and unique and will push visitors to their limits – literally and figuratively,” says Mark Laroche, President and CEO of Canada Lands Company, the owner and operator of the CN Tower.

Set to open August 1st, the EdgeWalk will take the courageous and the crazy, through a 90 minute experience. Approximately half an hour will be spent outside, perched on a 1.5 metre (5ft) wide platform, tethered to a trolley and harness system, overhead. Participants will be lead, by trained guides, in groups of six to eight, through a circumnavigation of the tower’s main pod, 356 metres (1168 ft) above the ground.

“During our 35th anniversary year we are excited to introduce visitors to the most exciting attraction in our history,” says Jack Robinson, COO of the CN Tower. “We’re extremely proud of the records the CN Tower has held throughout the years, including our strong safety record. Our facilities and engineering team supervised the EdgeWalk project design and build to ensure that it is both exciting and safe.”

Tickets can be purchased, by phone, starting June 1st. The price tag for the experience is $175 per person. That may sound steep, but consider that it is the only attraction of its kind in North America and is the highest, hands-free walk, in the world.

It stands to be a truly one-of-a kind thrill. I’ll do it…but you go first. – Jen R, Staff Writer



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