It would seem that the blush of the Olympic Games hasn’t faded just yet. readers have voted and the Rocky Mountains have usurped Niagara Falls as Canada’s top tourist draw.

Now, I’m not sure it’s fair to put Niagara Falls on the same ballot with the Rockies.  Niagara Falls is a spot on the map, a powerful phenomenon with a variety of fun and interesting attractions built up around it.  It’s a great vacation spot, kids love it, and it can be experienced in a long weekend.

The Rocky Mountains, on the other hand, are a sprawling range meandering over a huge area.  You could spend a lifetime exploring there and never run out of discoveries.  To say the Rockies are a tourist attraction is too vague and unspecific.  With draws like Lake Louise, Banff, and Moraine Lake, the Rockies are not so much an attraction as a wonderland.

Yes, the Rocky Mountains should absolutely be experienced, but they’re not an attraction, they’re an odyssey.  How is any other place to compete?  Perhaps the survey should narrow down the choices, to specific locations, for next year’s survey.  Give the lighthouses, towers and waterfalls a fighting chance, eh? – Jen R, Staff Writer


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