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Going Back Two Centuries At George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Built in 1735, George Washington's Mount Vernon is an incredible estate.  What started out as a modest home was transformed over fifty years into an impressive 21 room mansion that was owned by the...

Learning About the War of 1812 at Old Fort Erie

As luck would have it we have been learning quite a bit about history this Summer. From the Canadian Warplane Museum to the tall ships, the theme has definitely been how we defended our...

Daytripping in Ontario ~ Visiting the HMCS Haida

This Summer has been one big history lesson for my boys.  At just 4 and 7, I fully understand that their comprehension of historic events will be limited, but for me, it is important...

Daytripping in Ontario at The Tall Ships Waterfront Festival

This Summer the Tall Ships will be making their way through the Great Lakes. These ships are replicas of some of the privateer vessels that fought during the war of 1812.  Many of these ships...

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