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Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum

Located in North Tonawanda, the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum is a fun place to stop to learn about how carnival rides were created years ago. This is not a huge museum, but it is...

Daytripping in Ontario ~ Visiting the HMCS Haida

This Summer has been one big history lesson for my boys.  At just 4 and 7, I fully understand that their comprehension of historic events will be limited, but for me, it is important...

Daytripping in Ontario ~ Visiting The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum {VIDEO}

While looking for something to do on a Friday morning I came across some information on the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.  Located about an hour from us in Hamilton, this incredible museum has preserved...

Daytripping in Ontario ~ The Royal Ontario Museum

Because this week is March Break here in Ontario I decided to plan a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum(ROM) to keep my guys busy for a day.  Located in the heart of Toronto,...

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