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Penguin Beach Opens at London Zoo!


ZSL London Zoo has opened England’s biggest penguin pool. The world famous Zoo will initially become home to almost 80 of the flightless birds who will eventually make up a 200-strong colony of penguins.

The new birds will be able to enjoy a 1200 sq metre pool, which is four times bigger and three times deeper than the Zoo’s old penguin pool, when the exhibit opens to the public tomorrow (Friday 27th May).

Visitors will now be able to enjoy more of the Zoo than ever before as the Zoo’s footprint has been extended for Penguin Beach , which will be a breeding facility for colonies of Humboldt, macaroni, black-footed and rockhopper penguins.

All four penguin species will take part in the Zoo’s new and improved traditional penguin feeds, Penguin Beach Live, and will feature twice daily feeds where visitors can watch the birds diving for their food through a new underwater viewing area, in a pool which holds 450,000 litres of water.




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