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Daytripping in Ontario ~ Visiting Safari Niagara

Located just outside of Niagara Falls, Safari Niagara is a gem that I hadn't heard of until this Summer. My boys have loved visiting the Niagara Falls area quite a bit this year.  Looking to...

Daytripping in Ontario ~ The Toronto Zoo

Because I live in Ontario I have made a list of zoos, festivals and theme parks that I would like to visit with the kids this Summer.  I have read a lot about the...

Bronx Zoo Celebrates Summer with a LEGO ‘Zoofari’

The tiger may not roar like the real one or the flamingo might not flap its wings, but the new animals on display at the Bronx zoo are sure to attract attention because of the simple fact that they have been made by assembling tiny little LEGO squares. Called the "Great Summer Zoofari: A LEGO Wildlife Expedition” Bronx zoo will hold the unique display till September.

Penguin Beach Opens at London Zoo!

ZSL London Zoo has opened England's biggest penguin pool. The world famous Zoo will initially become home to almost 80 of the flightless birds who will eventually make up a 200-strong...

San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Popular Butterfly Jungle Is Back!

In preparation for San Diego Zoo Safari Park's annual springtime event - Butterfly Jungle, Sarah Jenkins the park's keeper, released hundreds of butterflies as they emerged from pupae on Thursday. Good news for visitors...

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