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Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom who spends her days chasing around the never-ending ball of energy that is her son. By night you can find her at her computer, drafting up her next great blog post about parenting with chronic illnesses. She is also an avid photographer and jewelry artisan. She is the founder of the Fibromyalgia support website,, where Fibromyalgia patients can go to gain support, learn how to advocate for themselves, and spread awareness of this still relatively unheard of condition.

California Teen Survives Five Hour Flight To Hawaii In Airplane’s Wheel Well

We all are eager to get away from our homes from time to time, go on a vacation, see an exotic location or two. It clears our minds of the mundane and helps refresh...

Vacationing Couple Leaves Nasty Letter for Parents of ‘Screaming’ Baby

Ah, vacations, the sweet smell of fresh air, the open road, and unlimited possibilities. We all love vacationing, it gives us a chance to break away from the mundane and experience something new and...