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Disney Toy Story Aircraft Debuts in Shanghai!

In conjunction with Disney•Pixar Toy Story Land debuting at Shanghai Disneyland, China Eastern Airlines rolled out a Pixar Themed aircraft.
Kids Smash Art at Glass Museum While Adults Stand by Filming

WHAT? Moms Video Tape Kids Destroying Museum’s Glass Sculpture

Shocking CCTV video that was released last week showed two little boys touching and pulling a wall-mounted exhibit at the Shanghai Museum of Glass. The video shows the kids behind the cordoned off area, laughing...
Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre

Four Seasons Announces 9 New Hotel and Resorts To Open in 2016

The Four Seasons is looking to make a splash in 2016 by opening 9 new hotels around the world.  Well known for their luxurious amenities and well appointed suites, the brand takes...

13 Year old Reaches Top of the World’s Tallest Summit

At 13 years old she stood at top of the world’s tallest mountain. Malavath Poorna, an Indian tribal schoolgirl became the youngest girl  to climb the Mount Everest on Sunday and says she dreams...

Beauty is Abound at The 30th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in China

Today it is -40 degrees so it is hard for me to endorse a spectacular 'cold' destination.  But just one glance at the lights and beauty of China's Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival...

Traveling Asia with Kids – China

China is a vast country, both in population and the span of history, the oldest continuous civilization in the world. China also has bunches of "earliest" and "firsts" – earliest writing and code of...

Top 2011 Destinations for Budget Travelers

Newsweek Budget Travel has come up with its annual list of travel destinations that are fun as well as affordable. The list includes places like Tallinn, Estonia’s capital as well as popular tourist destinations...

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