Bed Bugs: An Unfortunate Side Effect of Travel

Nobody wants to talk about it, but I’m going to say it anyway.  Bed bugs are among us.  Yuck! So, what are you supposed to do?  Hide out in your house and dowse everyone, who comes through the door, with DDT?  Of course not, that would be illegal.  The best defence against bed bugs is education. Bed bugs are everywhere now.  They’re across the country, in big cities, small towns, homes, offices, airplanes and cars.  Even Bill Clinton’s office wasn’t immune.  But, the fact remains, bed bugs are most prevalent in major population centers and tend to be passed around by travelers in hotels. We’re not talking about flea-bag motels, either.  Last year, there were reports of bed bugs at the legendary Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan. Bed bugs are causing problems all over the country, but certain cities have been harder hit.  According to Orkin LLC and Terminix, and corroborated by The National Pesticide Information Center, the most infested cities in America are:  Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit, New York and Columbus.  Ohio, as a whole, has been badly affected.  No one is quite sure why. Edwin Rajotte is a professor of entomology and IPM coordinator at Penn State University.  He says that there are a couple of things working for us, when it comes to bed bugs.  First, they don’t spread disease.  Second, they are the same wherever you go.
“There aren’t super bugs in Detroit or something like that,” Rajotte said.  I’m glad they haven’t developed superpowers, but what can we do about them?
According to Rajotte,
“The main defence against bed bugs is education and awareness because everybody has a role to play in managing bed bugs, and it’s much easier to manage if you catch it early.”
Kaci Buhl, project coordinator for the National Pesticide Information Center, suggests that travelers closely inspect the sleeping area of their hotel.  “Look everywhere,” he said. “Bring a flashlight and inspect the box spring, seam along the mattress, under tags on the bed, even the headboards.” Experts also suggest that you store your luggage in the bathroom, if space permits, as the bugs are less likely to travel into this area. Once you’re home from your travels, inspect your luggage before you bring it back into the house.  You should wash your cloths and dry them in the machine, on high heat, for at least 30 minutes.  This will kill off all stages of the bed bug life cycle, on the off chance you’ve picked up a stowaway. But, what if it’s too late?  A little hitchhiker has already followed you home and she’s a family.  Experts urge that you put your bed bug stigmas and embarrassment aside.  Call for professional help immediately.  It’s relatively easy to deal with a few bed bugs.  Let the infestation progress and you’ll find yourself with an expensive problem. So, long story short.  Do your best to avoid bed bugs.  Be smart.  Use precautions.  But, if you find you’ve come home with an unwanted souvenir, don’t ignore the problem.  The sooner you deal with bed bugs, the sooner they’re gone. – Jen R, Staff Writer SOURCE PHOTO VIA

Five Awesome U.S. Destinations You Should See With Your Kids – Part 2: New York City

New York City is not off limits to families.  You don’t have to shelve your appetite for big city adventure once you have children. Jay-Z calls it a “concrete jungle where dreams are made.”  The bright lights, cacophonous honking, and bustling streets of The Big Apple are simultaneously energizing and intimidating.  The city that never sleeps has something to offer everyone who visits, and that includes children. Just think of the landmarks!  Around every corner there is something you’ll recognize.  A trip to the top of the Empire State building gives a unique perspective of the city.  Have your children look down and count the yellow taxis – impossible! Even in the city, children need a place to run.  Let them burn off some steam in Central Park.  With long pathways and open spaces it’s a wonderful place to play.  The park’s beautiful design makes it a bastion of serenity amid the chaos. If you have the energy, take a walk, jog, or stroller ride across the legendary Brooklyn Bridge, if for no other reason but to say you’ve done it.  It’s a magnificent feat of engineering. No visit to New York City would be complete without seeing ‘lady liberty’.  There are a few ways to see the Statue of Liberty.  You can take a boat tour to Liberty Island.  Note that strollers are not permitted on the Promenade or Observatory Tours.  Children aged 7 to 12 can participate in a Junior Ranger program.  Admission to the statue is free for children under three. The tour can be done in conjunction with a trip to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.  If your family’s immigration story begins at Ellis Island, it may be a meaningful stop for both you and your children. But, if you don’t have a family connection with Ellis Island and you feel no need to see the ‘lady’ in the flesh, you may want to do it my way – the cheap way.  The Staten Island Ferry passes right by the Statue of Liberty, every half hour, and it’s absolutely free.  You heard me, free. Cars, trucks and motorcycles are not allowed on the ferry, so it’s a matter of walking on, sailing past the statue, staying on (because there’s nothing to see on Staten Island – no offense) and sailing past her a second time. After you’ve seen the sights, it’ll be time to do a little shopping.  Believe it or not, a trip down Fifth Avenue might be the most exciting part of your child’s trip to NYC.  Why?  Because, Fifth Avenue is home to the FAO Schawrtz flagship store.  Remember the dance-on piano from the movie BIG?  It’s at FAO Schwartz.  This world renowned toy store is sure to be a favourite stop for young and old alike. New York City is a foodie’s dream-come-true.  Just choose a price point.  The Big Apple boasts delicious street food, famous delis, awesome ethic restaurants and the poshest nosh you’ll find anywhere in the world. Don’t feel you need to shy away from nice places because you’re with kids.  If you have the means to afford it, and your child’s temper seems stable for the time being, give it a try.  On the few occasions my son has been in elegant surroundings, he has behaved surprisingly well.  Dinner at an exotic restaurant can be a wonderful way to educate a child’s palate and introduce them to new foods. I haven’t even mentioned Times Square, the United Nations, Broadway or Rockefeller Center.  Even a ride on the subway is an experience.  The list goes on and on.  The more you learn about New York, the more you’ll want to see.  You could probably spend a lifetime there…some people do.  It’s definitely worth visiting with your kids. – Jen R, Staff Writer

Traveling With A Baby? Here’s 5 Must-Haves For Your Carry-On Bag…

Traveling with a baby is work. There – I’ve said it. But the truth of the matter is, the work is worth it. The trips and adventures we’ve had have as a family have given us the most cherished memories. To make those memories means you have to get there first, and that’s where all your prep work will come in handy. The more organized and prepared you are, the easier it is to get through your travel day. And that’s (usually) all it is. A day. That day often starts with an early wake-up or ends with a late bedtime, but so long as you plan in advance, your organization will pay off. You’ll need to invest in a good carry-on bag. It needs to have pockets and sections for storage, but not so many that you can’t remember where you put stuff. And you’ll have lots of stuff! But amidst all of it, do not forget these 5 things:
  • Wipes: You can never have too many of them. Diaper wipes clean faces, sticky hands, icky public bathrooms (don’t flush!) and questionable eating surfaces. Don’t just fill your little plastic sleeve before you venture out. Make sure you have a solid supply of wipes that will last the duration of your journey and beyond.
  • Diapers: This may seem obvious, but don’t skimp on the number of diapers you bring for your travel day. A good system for me is 1 per hour of my journey plus 2 more to be on the safe side. Don’t tempt fate by bringing the minimum. Clean diapers weigh almost nothing and you can use them to cushion the contents of your carry-on.
  • Food: Again – this may seem obvious. But surely you’ve heard the horror stories of people trapped on the tarmac for hours on end, either before or after a flight? I usually pack at least double the amount of food and/or bottles I think I’ll need. Delays happen. Being prepared with extra on hand means you don’t have to sweat them.
  • Toys: There is no need to spend the bomb on brand new stuff that will get broken or lost along the way. Hide old favourites for a few weeks before your trip and baby will be delighted to see them. Dollar stores are good sources for inexpensive trinkets that will occupy baby for little expense. Don’t forget a few books as well. Keeps baby busy and you’ll have them for storytime once you get there.
  • First Aid Kit: Because you never know when a fever will strike or your child will get hurt. In a small pencil case I include a bottle of children’s Motrin, Boiron’s Camelia (for teething) a thermometer, bandaids, Antibiotic Ointment, Antiseptic wipes and a backup bum cream.
And lastly… Patience and/or Coping Strategies: Our kids pick up on our moods, so if you’re in a foul one because the ticket agent was snippy or you forgot to pack socks, your child will pick up on it and (mis)behave accordingly. Cautiously optimistic is the way I like to play our travel days. If we expected everything to go completely smoothly all the time, we’d be sorely disappointed. Be sure to cram a change (or two) of clothes for baby and you in with everything – use a good carry-on packing list so you don’t forget anything. And, for goodness’ sakes, have a blast on your first trip with baby! – Corrine McDermott

Five Awesome U.S. Destinations You Should See With Your Kids – Part 1: The Grand Canyon

At least once in every childhood, there should be an epic road trip to an epic destination.  The Grand Canyon is such a place. Photographs, paintings and documentary footage all try to capture the knee buckling magnitude of the Grand Canyon, but they can never quite do it justice.  Nothing ever prepares you to stand at the canyon’s edge. The Colorado River began to carve Arizona’s jewel more than five million years ago.  It now commands the landscape along 277 river miles.  At its widest point, it spans 18 miles and the hike to the bottom is a mile long. It is an audible gasp inducing spectacle.  But, it’s more than just a photo op.  It is a treasure trove of history, geology and ecology.  Even young children can learn amazing things at the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon National Park contains a diverse fossils record and physical evidence of three of the four eras of geological time.  The park also boasts five of North America’s seven life zones and three of the four types of desert found on the continent.  This variety in climate has fostered a collection of ecosystems and a wealth of bio diversity. The Grand Canyon offers a series of Junior Ranger programs for children between the ages of 4 and 14.  Junior Rangers participate in programs led by a park ranger and also complete age appropriate, activities from a booklet that can be found in various locations throughout the park.  Some of the programs also involve hiking or mule riding. All the Junior Ranger programs are free of charge.  I can’t think of a better way to ensure that children remain engaged throughout their visit. Upon completion of the Junior Ranger program, children earn a certificate and badge and can obtain a sew-on patch at one of the non-profit bookstores.  It is well worth investigating the programs to see how they might fit into your trip. To stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon is to stand with the unfathomable forces of nature laid out at your feet.  You should see it with your kids. – Jen R, Staff Writer Related Articles:

Top 10 Family Friendly Vacation Destinations!

Deciding where to take your family on vacation can be a stressful task for a parent who wants to ensure that  they are heading somewhere that has lots to do. The Weather Network has listed their top 10 family friendly vacation destinations.  This list is filled with great options that offer excitement, adventure and education. Here is the list! San Diego, CA – San Diego is popular with families because it has great weather year round, is close to the beach and offers  a variety of attractions. The renowned San Diego Zoo, is famous for it’s Wild Animal Park, which is home to 4,000 animals spread out over 100 beautiful acres. SeaWorld is a must visit with it’s opportunities to get close to marine animals & aquariums  as is Legoland for a day of rides, shows and a cooldown at their huge waterpark. San Diego is also home to many gardens, performing arts venues, and 15 major museums ranging from art to science to air and space to natural history or anthropology. offers lots of information about all of the attractions and lots of discounts as well.

Orlando, FL – A family could visit Orlando 3 or 4 times in one year and not do the same thing twice. On top of being home to Disney World’s four giant theme parks and two water parks, this kid friendly city offers dozens of other attractions for vacationing families like Seaworld, Universal Studios Orlando, Gatorland, and spring training for several Major League Baseball teams. Plus if you time your trip just right, you may be able to catch the shuttle launch at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, just 45 minutes away.

Yellowstone National Park – Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is America’s first national park. Located across 3 states, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, the park is home to a large variety of wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk.

Kids ages 5 – 12 who will be visiting Yellowstone in person can become Junior Rangers. Children ages 5 and up can become a Young Scientist. An in-park science inquiry paper for ages 5 through adult is also available at Old Faithful and Canyon.
Hershey, PA – Dubbed ‘The Sweetest Place on Earth’, Hershey Pennsylvania is home to many attractions for families and couples. Visit Hershey’s Chocolate World for an interactive tour-ride that explains how chocolate is made and ends with a sweet sample.  Families will also love ZooAmerica, Hershey Park, Dutch Wonderland and Hershey Gardens.

Atlantis, Bahamas – Paradise awaits your family at Atlantis. This amazing vacation spot, which is made up of 5 hotel towers and a townhome complex, caters to vacationers of all ages. There is a long list of activities for families including an expansive water park with a lazy river, Dolphin Cay and an Aquarium that lets you get up-close views of more than 50,000 marine animals from over 200 species.  Atlantis also features 21 restaurants and 19 bars and lounges offering everything from fine dining to quick-and-easy favorites.

Caribbean Cruises – A busy family looking to for an exciting vacation will love a cruise. On top of sailing on a luxury liner, each cruise line offers many activities, excursions and educational opportunities. A guided open-air tour through your favorite island will teach your kids more than they will ever learn at school as will a snorkel excursion to a crowded reef. Parents can also take advantage of the babysitting services or kids clubs that many ships offer to enjoy some time together while at sea.

Maui – While Hawaii’s 2nd largest island is home to more than 80 beautiful beaches, there’s so much more for active families to do like biking, surfing, snorkeling.  You can spend the afternoon hiking Maui’s Haleakala Crater — a dormant volcano — in Haleakala National Park or whale-watch in the winter. Maui also hosts the nation’s largest tropical reef aquarium at the Maui Ocean Center and if you are up for an adventurous ride the scenic Hana Highway will keep you on your toes with it’s 600 curves and dozens of one-lane bridges.

Washington, DC –  The capital of the United States is a beautiful city that is rich in history, architecture, and park land, most of which is open to the public year-round. A must-see is the Smithsonian Institution, a collection of more than a dozen museums, galleries, and the National Zoo – most of which are free!  Travel by water, bike or by foot to to explore Theodore Roosevelt Island, Turtle Park or The National Museum of Natural History and it’s 125 million natural science specimens and cultural artifacts.

Estes Park, CO -Estes Park, Colorado, is home to the majestic scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park. This vacation destination offers a multitude of outdoor excursions for the active family.  Camping, fishing, climbing, biking, and wildlife viewing are just a few of the activities that will keep you busy.  Those who are more adventurous can white water raft the Colorado and Poudre rivers, ski down the north side of Sundance Mountain or hike the Rocky Mountain trails.  Regardless of what you plan to do at Estes park, bring you camera because the scenery is breathtaking.

Myrtle Beach, SC – Myrtle Beach sits on a 60-mile stretch of Atlantic beaches from Little River in the north to Georgetown to the south.  It has been a top East Coast vacation destination for decades because it is at the center of it all, a budget and family-friendly destination. It’s so family-friendly, many hotels have children’s programs, family packages and play areas designed just for little travelers. And while the top attractions are the sunny, sandy beaches, Myrtle Beach offers lots of options to keep the whole family happy.  For dad there a 100-plus golf courses or 50 miniature golf courses for competitive families.  Myrtle Beach also has a number of amusement and water parks.
Family Kingdom features more than 30 rides including a thrilling wooden roller coaster and South Carolina’s largest ferris wheel with one-of-a-kind views of the ocean. Splash down on our Log Flume, freefall 110 feet in our Slingshot Drop Zone, bounce a bit on our bumper cars or hit the Go-Kart tracks. Plus, Family Kingdom’s oceanfront waterpark is just across the street.

Website Makes Roadtrips Easy

The holidays are fast approaching and many of us have to travel a long way to get a taste of that turkey.  If your family is preparing to journey to the ends of the Earth, in search of green bean casserole and gravy slathered mashed potatoes, you may want to check out, a website dedicated to being a one-stop shop for all your US travel needs. My Scenic Drives is a great resource when you’re planning a road trip.  Whether you have a long way to go or just want a leisurely jaunt, this site will help you find the most scenic route and will also help you plan your stops along the way.  You can plot out your food breaks, find service centers, choose the best hiking trail, and discover some great attractions.   It’s like asking a trusted friend’s advice. But, myscenicdrives knows that your road trip might not start in the car, so they have recently added applications to help organize and book flights, car rentals, and hotel accommodations. They make it easy to download maps, text links to your phone and plug coordinates into your GPS.  It’s modern travel planning all in one comprehensive place. Let’s face it, family travel, while wonderful and rewarding, can also be stressful.  Take some of the frazzle out of the planning with a visit to my scenic drives. – Jen R, Staff Writer.

Inflatable Booster Seat Takes Exhibition by Storm

Would you ever consider using an inflatable booster seat as your child’s restraint system in the car?  The idea of plopping your child on top of a balloon and going for a drive sounds questionable.  When I first learned of the BubbleBum booster seat, I was sceptical.  But as I learned more, I began to see its merits and, I think, it has won me over. The BubbleBum booster seat was designed as a cost-effective, lightweight safety device that deflates and folds flat for easy transport in backpacks, purses or luggage.  Created for children between 3- and 11-years and 15-36 kg, this highly portable device is ideal when families have to do a lot of vehicle hopping, i.e. holidays, rental cars, taxis, bus travel, school trips and car pooling. The BubbleBum is approved by the United Nations under ECE Regulation R44/04 and is for use with a three-point adult harness. This extremely nifty gadget is the brain-child of Irish entrepreneur, Grainne Kelly.  Grainne is a busy mom with two little ones and is also a travel agent.  She developed the BubbleBum in response to her own frustration with conventional booster seats.
“I created the BubbleBum as there was no solution on the market to allow parents to have the correct child restraint available for their child in every situation.  Every child is important and deserves to be safe on every journey,” Grainne said, adding, “Modern families do a lot of travelling in cars, coaches, taxis and bulky, heavy booster seats just aren’t practical to carry around even for one child, never mind if you have two or three.”
Isn’t that the truth?  I can certainly think of occasions when such a practical booster seat would have been handy. I’m not the only one who likes the idea.  Grainne and her BubbleBum are currently receiving acclaim and international attention at the Kind & Jugend exhibition in Cologne, Germany.  Kind and Jugend is one of the most important trade fairs in the world, for baby and toddler products.

The BubbleBum is one of five finalists in the Innovation Awards, World of Travelling Baby (children’s car seats) category, at the exhibition. This is the second time, this year, that Grainne’s booster seat has been recognized.  She also received the bronze award in Practical Parenting Magazine’s 10/11 Awards.  The judges presented the award, “as validation of the product’s great quality, usability and value.” The BubbleBum is already hugely popular in the UK and Ireland and is making inroads into the rest of Europe and America.  Grainne hopes that the Kind & Jugend exhibition will help to gain exposure for the BubbleBum and increase sales to new markets.
“BubbleBum has been designed to be small, light, practical and so easy to use that it’s perfect even for quick taxi journeys,” Grainne said.  “Plus it looks good, so kids don’t mind carrying it around in their rucksacks or schoolbags.”
As long as it doesn’t pop, I’m all for it. – Jen R, Staff Writer Related Articles: SOURCE

Adventures By Disney Invites You to Explore Egypt

Imagine hot African days melting into cool desert nights, the aroma of jasmine wafting through the air, and camel tracks across the sand.  Imagine losing yourself in a labyrinth of medieval alleyways, crowded with people and stalls selling silver, rugs and exotic spices.  Imagine sailing down the Nile river, being dwarfed by the columns and statues of pharaonic temples and seeing the wonders of the ancient world with your own eyes. Now imagine sharing that experience with your children.  What a special memory for the entire family. Well, imagine no longer.  Adventures By Disney has added a 9-night Egypt vacation to their line-up. Trip highlights include:
  • A camel ride past the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx
  • Three nights in Cairo including visits to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and the Khan Khalili marketplace
  • A three-night Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor
  • A felucca sailing excursion on the Nile
  • An Egyptian cooking class
  • Tours of ancient temples of the Nile including the Temple of Luxor
  • A tour of the city of Luxor, in a horse-drawn carriage
  • A visit to the Valley of the Kings, including a tour of the tomb of Tutankhamen
  • Snorkelling in the Red Sea
  • Two-nights at the Red Sea resort Sharm el Sheikh
Fun activities are planned to entertain the kids while parents explore some venues on their own including, a Junior Adventurers art detective activity at the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. After a day of excitement and discovery, families can relax together to snack on popcorn and watch some of their favourite Disney classics. Adventures By Disney allows families to explore and enjoy without having to entangle themselves in the logistical nightmares that can accompany travels, with children, in an unfamiliar country.  They have gained access to venues most travellers would not see and have taken steps to ensure the safety of your family. According to the Adventures By Disney website, “The Egyptian government has taken steps to provide additional safety and security measures throughout the country, including an armed police presence.” If you’re like me, you’ve travelled to Egypt 100 times…in your dreams.  Now you can take the journey for real.  Knock it off your ‘bucket list’. If Egypt doesn’t happen to be on your family’s ‘bucket list,’ Adventures By Disney offers a variety of intriguing opportunities to visit destinations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America.  Download their E-Brochure and let the day-dreaming begin. – Jen R., Staff Writer [ad]

Featured Review: Joovy Kooper

The Joovy Kooper is a nice little stroller with some fun features. I recently tested this sturdy umbrella stroller out and my son really enjoyed the ride. I found it easy to use and loved all of the great details, like parent cup holders and a great canopy. The Kooper retails for $179.00, a great price for such a solid stroller with a great set of features and attention to detail. Assembly Assembly is quick and easy, pop on the wheels and canopy. That’s it. The manual is detailed, easy to read and contains everything you need to know. Features The Kooper is compact, weighing in at just under 18 pounds, folds easily with one hand, has linked rear brakes and a sturdy aluminum frame. The canopy is very generous, has a pop out sun visor and allows for quite a bit of headroom to go with its 50 pound weight limit, great for an umbrella stroller. Storage is also great with a well sized basket, zippered pockets and 2 cup holders in the canopy. My favorite feature,  2 mesh pockets inside the seat, great for drinks, snacks or toys. The Kooper also offers 4 wheel suspension and lockable front wheels. A rain cover and travel bag are available as options. In Use I tested the Kooper with my 23 month old son. He’s only around 25 pounds, but tall. He fit well in the seat with plenty of room to spare. The harness adjusted well for him, even though he’s skinny and floats in many harnesses. The reflective accents on the harness and stroller are a nice touch. He loved the 2 in-seat pockets. We kept them loaded up with toys and snacks and he loved that he had easy access whenever he was in the stroller. The 2 padded handles are comfortable and at a nice height. It was comfortable for both my husband and myself to push the Kooper.  Having the suspension is nice too as it helps even out the bumpy sidewalks. Occasionally, it did feel a bit sluggish on the tighter turns, but overall it felt quite smooth and did maneuver well on crowded sidewalks. The seat is rated for 6 months and up and my son found it very comfortable. The 2 position recline is very easy up and down and great for older children who might still fall asleep in the stroller, but still has enough of a recline for older infants who are more likely to need to sleep in the stroller. It’s not meant for a newborn, but it’s more than sufficient for naps. Because it’s an “infinite” recline you can position it anywhere between all the way up or down and find the perfect spot for your child. Storage is terrific on the Kooper. We could fit plenty in the basket and it was easy to access, plus the pockets and drink holders in the canopy were really convenient. The drink holders do have velcro on the tops, so they could easily double as key or cell phone pockets or for small items that need quick access, like a pacifier. The stroller is very easy to fold and is fairly compact when folded, easy to store in the car or closet at home. Also this would be a great travel stroller, especially for an older child with the high weight limit. The Kooper feels quite substantial for an umbrella stroller, very solid and sturdy. The colors are great too. Offered in red, black, a nice bright  yellow (Lemontree) and my two favorites, a really gorgeous & stylish brown (Brownie) and green (Appletree). -Kiersten, Staff Writer   Likes:
  • Colors- I love the Brownie & Appletree
  • 2 mesh pockets in seat, especially, but great storage options overall
  • High weight limit of 50 pounds
  • Linked brake
  • Comfy handles and sturdy frame
  • Included rain cover would be nice
  • Occasionally, the steering felt a bit sluggish, but it did offer a smooth ride.
  • Folded: H 13”  W13.5”   D 45”
*Thank you to Joovy for sending us this stroller to review*

Should Planes Have a "Families-Only" Section?

Travel website, Skyscanner, recently posted the results of a poll in which almost 60 percent of the 2000 respondents agreed that they would like to see families relegated to a specific area on flights.  Nearly 20 percent said they would like to see the creation of child-free flights. The poll was conducted in the wake of a settlement made by Australian airline, Quantas, to a 67-year-old passenger.  The passenger had sued the airline after a 3-year-old screamed, on her flight, causing her excruciating pain. Predictably, the demographic that has come out in favour of families-only sections is made up of people who do not have young children themselves and, “want to sit as far away as possible.”  A previous poll conducted by Skyscanner found that young children are the “most annoying” factor on flights. But, I would propose that young children are not the most stressful or ‘annoying’ factor of flying.  I am no stranger to air travel; long haul, short haul, with kids, without kids, I’ve done it.  It usually isn’t the baby on the flight that’s stressing me out…it’s the big drunk guy. You know the guy.  He’s the one sitting next to you drinking rye and ginger until he pukes and falls asleep on the way to Australia.  Or the guy flying to Cancun, with his buddies, who puts his feet up on the armrest across the aisle while eating a giant sandwich (elbows out) and then leans over you so he can look out your husband’s window. If they’re going to start a ‘families-only section’ than they should cordon off a ‘jackass’ section too. – Jen R., Staff Writer [ad]